Bottled Water Delivery – The Bottle

Let me give you a little info about bottled water brands and bottled water delivery programs.  I think you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn.

First, let’s talk about the bottles.  Most of them are made of plastic, either PET or polycarbonate.  PET is primarily used in the half liter and liter bottles.  Polycarbonate is used in the 5 gallon jugs used for bottled water delivery programs.

PET leaks the toxin ethylene glycol into the liquid.  Polycarbonate leaks BPA.  In the human body, BPA acts like estrogen and disrupts the production of the body’s natural hormones.  It causes changes in tissues that predispose the cells to cancer, so it is a suspected carcinogen.

Almost all of the bottled water brands are  ماء نوفا stored in plastic.  In grocery stores and warehouses, they are stored alongside toxic chemicals, such as weed killer and bug spray.  Those chemicals can seep out of their containers and seep into the waters.

Now, let’s talk about the purification methods used by some of the bottled water brands.  It’s not really important, because the bottles themselves are sources of contamination, but just for the record.

Dasani is made by the Coca-cola bottling company.  They use local tap-water and then run it through a reverse osmosis filter.  Reverse osmosis systems remove cysts, lead and minerals, but not chemical contaminants, like chlorine, THM, benzene, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Not long ago, Dasani waters were recalled in the United Kingdom because of bromate contamination.  Bromate is a disinfection by-product, a THM.  It’s a suspected carcinogen.  What else might be in that bottle?

Deer Park, Poland Springs, Perrier and a number of the other popular bottled water brands are owned by Nestle foods.  They also offer bottled water delivery.  They are supposed to use some of the most advanced purification methods available and their testing is supposed to be scrupulous.

But, Perrier was recalled in the United States, a few years ago, for benzene contamination.  How many people drank it before the recall took effect?  There’s no way to tell.  It wasn’t even the company that found the contamination.  For a while, they denied its existence.

Benzene is used as an industrial solvent and its presence in our freshwater is a growing problem.  If it doesn’t kill you quickly, which it can, it kills you slowly.  It is known to cause cancer.

Nestle has one of the most popular bottled water delivery programs.  I’ve seen 5 gallon jugs of Deer Park sitting on neighbor’s doorsteps.  I’m trying to get the word out, because a survey conducted by Consumer Reports found that 80% of those bottles contained liquid that was contaminated with BPA.

If you still want to try bottled water delivery, think about the damage that the companies are doing to the environment.  Those plastic bottles are filling up our landfills.  The companies aren’t at all concerned about conservation