The Best Shampoos for Hair Growth, Tested by Experts and Dermatologists

This stuff contains creatine to strengthen weak hair, thicken thinning strands, and deliver a potent lather while cleansing. After months of testing, one editor noted that the shampoo made his hair feel stronger and thicker. To find the best shampoo for men, we tested 11 of the most popular shampoo marketed toward men. We then consulted data from previous shampoo testing and selected the highest performers from both this round and previous rounds of testing for inclusion. In-Lab testing consists of preparing uniform hair swatches which are then precisely dosed and washed at our swatch-wash station. Though we aren’t able to measure the exact cleansing ability of shampoos in our Lab, a key metric in testing is how conditioned the treated hair is. This is evaluated by measuring the force necessary to comb through the wet swatches using an Instron machine.

What makes the Angel Wash so great other than the fabulous looking bottle you might ask? Well, the shampoo aims to promote hair growth, helps with reducing breakage, and is paraben-free.

The shampoo is free of harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and dyes. The shampoo also includes a proprietary thickening complex called Expansion Technology. For best results, it’s recommended to combine the shampoo with a complementary conditioner and pomade. Some users like the smell of this shampoo and say that they saw results when pairing the product with the matching conditioner from the brand.

The Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair in Men

Designed for the specific requirements of coarse, textured hair, Bevel formulated its new shampoo without sulfates and silicones that can easily strip natural oils resulting in dry hair more prone to breakage. Instead, uber moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, and glycerin keep even the tightest coils hydrated and softest waves intact. Oftentimes people with longer locks struggle with dryer, more brittle hair, especially toward the ends as the natural oil of your scalp struggles to make it down the long strands. If that’s the case you’ll want to use a milder shampoo so as not to dry out your hair strands with frequent washing. This 2022 Beauty Award winner is formulated with sodium cocoyl isethionate instead of more harsh surfactants to gently clean long hair. If you have a fine hair texture, then KEVIN MURPHY has just the product for you—their Angel Wash.

Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Textured Hair

The peppermint and tea tree oils in its formula help neutralize any fungal buildup, while stimulating circulation and boosting nutrient delivery to each strand. Meanwhile, ceramides and keratin strengthen hair strands and follicles, preventing additional breakage or hair loss—all while giving healthy body and shine. Apple cider vinegar has so many uses from all-purpose cleaning and deodorizing to making a winning volcano for science class. When it comes to your hair, and maybe, more importantly, your scalp, it has some pretty practical benefits when used correctly. This DHT-blocking WOW shampoo uses ACV to gently clarify buildup such as dirt, oils, and styling products while coconut and avocado oils rejuvenate damaged hair and dry scalp. If you’re looking for a great shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, try the Wow set.

However, it also uses pumpkin seed oil to minimize DHT impact and simultaneously increase nutrient delivery to each hair follicle. There’s a fine balance between cleansing the scalp versus stripping it of vital oil and moisture. That’s where the genius blend of shea butter and African Black soap gets to work.

Adding to the benefits are the great peppermint smell, and the sulfate/paraben-free nature of the shampoo for extra protection. This product has worked for many who regularly deal with oily hair issues, but should it not work for you, the investment is only $7.

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According to another 2007 study, it may also increase hair growth. It works by filling in small cracks and spaces within the cuticle, helping protect your hair even after it dries. You’ll need to reserve a permanent space in your shower for specialized anti-dandruff shampoo containing zinc pyrithione or selenium sulfide.